our manifesto

We’re a group of migrant women based in East Glasgow and together we’re creating a vibrant, female-led collective based around our favourite thing: food!

By swapping recipes, ideas and skills, we’re making women’s lives brighter. Our not-for-profit organisation brings together women from all over the world, ending social isolation and empowering them to develop their talents- in the kitchen and beyond. 


1. We are a social enterprise

When we say ‘not-for-profit’, we mean just that! We believe that making a difference to people’s lives is more important than making money. Soul Food Sisters’ role is to empower migrant women in the local community to start their own businesses, encourage their abilities and increase confidence. That’s much more valuable than a fistful of tenners.


2. It’s a learning curve

Sharing skills is a big deal for us. We are paid a flat rate and we all work together, which can mean anything from peeling bags of spuds to attending high-flying business meetings. By learning from each other, we can become stronger and more powerful together.


3. We are all women

We are built on the idea of sisterhood, so Soul Food Sisters is a women-only workers co-op, open to females from diverse backgrounds who love to cook. (Sorry, guys!). But if you’re female and you’d like to join our collective, get in contact as we would love to hear from you. If you work with us for a while, you could be offered membership to the co-operative.


4. Everything we get, we put back in

Soul Food Sisters have an appetite for making great food, but when it comes to business, we’re not greedy. Any surplus cash after paying wages goes straight back into the collective. Also our assets are locked, so in the unlikely event we go bankrupt, nobody will be allowed to go home with the soup urns or chopping boards!


5. We are a democracy

All the women in the Soul Food Sisters collective get a fair share and a listening ear. We make all our decisions by consensus, which isn’t always the quickest way, or the easiest. But consensus means that everyone is treated with respect and that we genuinely make decisions as a unified group. Every single one of us has equal ownership.

6. We are ethical

To us, having a clear conscience is just as important as having a clean kitchen. We source ethical ingredients wherever possible and support other co-ops, making sure to buy our food locally. Of course, sometimes there are ingredients - like rice paper, for example - that we have to go further afield to find! But ethically sourced food is our utmost priority.


7. We believe IN THE POWER OF FOOD

We believe that food has the power to bring people together. By harnessing the spirit of Glasgow and it’s culturally diverse and fascinating communities, we provide food that celebrates diversity and for people of all cultures to enjoy together.


8. We are smart ladies from all over the globe

At the moment, Soul Food Sisters is made up of eight women from 5 different continents. From Malaysia and Cuba to Poland and Thailand, we are a culturally mixed group, with many skills to share. And our talents extend further than just the kitchen. Together our cooks can do anything, whether it’s teaching German, making wine, designing buildings or driving trains!


9.The Hidden Gardens have helped us grow

We would not be here without the help of the Hidden Gardens, at Tramway. This is the place where we met and cooked together for the first time, and we are grateful for their continued support.


10. And finally…we make great food

Our food is what makes us tick. It’s who we all are, what we grew up with, what brings us together. We believe that our food is a reflection of our individual personalities and family traditions. And we’d like to share it with everyone!