about SOUL

We are a vibrant collective inspired by authentic recipes from our diverse homelands, committed to sharing great food with as many people as possible and strengthening cultural links in scotland.


It all boils down to our core belief in food as a force for good. Not just fresh and healthy food that’s good for the body – that goes without saying!

Sharing food is good for the soul. As Soul Food Sisters, we share recipes, experiences and a love of food. Because we come from all over the world, we have interesting stories and extraordinary recipes to share.

This is what sets our catering apart from standard options and makes our food an exciting experience. Although we come from diverse cultures, we all share the same passion for food; food at the heart of family and social life, the fuel of our relationships. We want to share these feelings and experiences in every plate we serve!

Good food matters to us so much that we’ve produced a manifesto that goes into more detail about our ethos.


social impact



Personal  development means everything to us. Our target is for members of SFS to attend 50 hours of training in 2018.

From leadership skills, social media to simply driving ! Anything that has relevance to the role; if it's good for us, we're all for it. Volunteers who stick with us are rewarded with in-house food hygiene courses.



We are serious about making volunteering a learning experience with genuine direction and concrete outcomes. We actively oppose the concept and practice of volunteering as free labour.

We carry out surveys to identify strengths and interests of new sisters and tailor volunteering plans to meet their needs. Regular benefit surveys keep everything on track. Each year we aim to increase and exceed our volunteer hours available



We are keen to share our learning and experience with any sisters who are thinking of launching their own food business.

We also seek to learn all we can from established food manufacturers and service providers.

We do this through our own events which include witness sessions, masterclasses, pet cuts and other knowledge sharing formats, as well as by attending relevant events. Our target is for 200 women to participate in our workshops in 2018.