meet the sisters



Angelita is a founding member of Soul Food Sisters, she was previously involved in The Hidden Gardens Cultural Cookery project and Cultural Kitchen's Food Tells A Story initiative. When that project ended, the soulful seeds had been sewn and the team thought it would be great to continue working together, so Soul Food Sisters was born. Angelita is passionate about our fresh, interesting, exotic and nutritious approach to catering. She loves one-pot dishes like stews and paellas but her all time favourite is a Spanish dessert called Tarta de Moka.




Marysia as been a Soul Food Sister since 2012 and helped set up the social enterprise after participating in a cross cultural cookery group that successfully took over of the kitchen of a Merchant City restaurant in the same year. Marysia’s dad showed her the ropes in the kitchen but she is largely self-taught and specialises in Polish dishes. She’s motivated by the transformative power of collective effort and seeks to use the power of the kitchen to spark a social revival in Govanhill. 



DJAMILA siagh (Algeria)

Over the last few years in Glasgow Djamila has been involved with organisations such as Scottish Refugee Council, Karibu, Scottish Refugee Policy Forum. She enjoys the confidence she’s gained through Soul Food Sisters, as well as meeting women from different backgrounds with a shared interest in healthy food and helping others integrate in Glasgow. Originally inspired by her mother to cook traditional Algerian recipes, since moving to Glasgow Djamila has discovered new dishes through the people she’s met. That said, her favourite recipe is an Algerian classic: traditional couscous with meat and baklava.




Ursula joined Soul Food Sisters in 2015 out of a desire to rekindle traditional ways of sharing food. She juggles her role with us with part time jobs as a studio coordinator and arts programmer for Wasps’ Studios and as a children’s Spanish teacher. Ursula has lived in Scotland for a decade but hails from Lima, Peru. Her mother taught her much of what she knows in the kitchen although Ursula has worked in professional kitchens in Scotland and Peru. She still holds Peruvian recipes close to her heart although she doesn’t mind a classic British roast dinner either. Her favourite food is any Peruvian coastal seafood/fish dish, always heavy on the lime.